How to preserve garlic

Do you want to know how to preserve garlic for longer maintaining all its properties? Discover several tricks that will help you to do so!

Garlic sayings

Knowledge doesn't take place. In Imperio Garlic we are aware of this and hence, we bring you a list of garlic sayings which will make you a wiser person.

Cucumber and garlic salad

Cucumber and garlic salad: Imperio Garlic brings you a fresh recipe. This is not only tasty, but it also comes with multiple properties.

We are responsible, CSR

In Imperio Garlic we produce just top quality garlic, and we do this respecting the environment. Get to know more about our CSR!

Garlic soup / Castilian Soup

Garlic soup: discover how to prepare this traditional Spanish recipe, which will keep you warm during the coldest days in a delicious and healthy way.

Peeled Garlic: Comfort and taste

Peeled garlic is a practical option to flavour up our recipes. Discover why and how to use it so as to give this touch of flavour!

6 benefits of garlic

We all know that garlic has a unique taste and that it constitutes an indispensable ingredient in our cuisine. However, this ancient condiment is not only a delight for...

First International Congres of Garlic

SAT IMPERIO assisted to the first International Congress of Garlic, which took place in Madrid on 25 and 26 of February 2014. In the congress participated technicians, investigators and...


Throughout our lives we get to know people in all aspects of their life, as sons and daughters, as parents, as friends and as working professionals in their fields....

We expect an excellent crop

It seems like yesterday when we started planting andnow we are about to start the raising campaign in the fields of Imperio in Andalusia. Many months of hard work...

Garlic to eliminate the bacterie campylobacter

A research made by experts from Washington University, has examined the capacity of diallyl sulfide, a compound made up from garlic, to eliminate the bacterie campylobacter. This compound has...

Garlic History

Garlic has always taken up a major place in culinary history, popular medicine, and in rites and beliefs of magic traditional religions. Garlic has always been famous for its...

Balance positivo tras Fruit Logística 2013

One more year participating in Fruit Logistica, one of the most important showcases for horticulture. For the three days of meetings were held with clients lo learn firsthand what...