Throughout our lives we get to know people in all aspects of their life, as sons and daughters, as parents, as friends and as working professionals in their fields.

From SAT Imperio we would like to highlight the last two, because it´s where we´ve really got to know you: as a friend and as an entrepreneur in the garlic and onion sector. For SAT Imperio, Boni was the fortunate legacy our boss Paco Mira, it was him who revealed the close, enthusiast, restless, motivated Boni.

He was a man of word and kind manners, with a contagious motivation that he was able to pass on, even in the most difficult moments, those of high tension, and he solved them fluently.

Boni, our mentor, you have taught many people what it means to belong to the garlic world, you made us, farmers from irrigation lands, become farmers of dry lands. You shared your wisdom with us, and that´s what we would like to express today along with your bonhomie and sincere friendship.

Today we have lost you but your example and your good manners will always stay with us. Today we are left a bit orphan, but we will keep your lessons and part of the knowledge you shared with us, today we are sad because the “teacher” has left but happy since we have had the chance to enjoy and learn from you.

Dear Friend, Teacher, today someone who was very important for us will be waiting for you to ask you about the crop and how much you are going to plant, as he always did. We mean your friend Paco Mira, he will be waiting for you to arrive so you can keep growing your friendship which was so fertile that it produced the best crop possible.

When he sees you, he will tell you:

CAPTAIN don´t worry, we did well!

The Teacher and his friend can go, but their pupils will take and make good use of their knowledge and their kindness, and that´s really the best crop. R.I.P.

SAT Imperio Management Board.