Which are garlic’s main properties?

Scientific investigations have proven that the regular garlic consume acts:

1- It strengthens our immunological system due to its high nourishing content. Decreases cholesterol levels, helping to our hearts well functioning.

2- Garlic is a great organism’s antioxidant , it helps to depure toxins improving the liver functioning.

3- It is capable of reducing the blood pressure, which is interesting to people who suffers from high blood tension.

What is Black Garlic?

Black Garlic is a bit special, because it’s a garlic that has been subdued to a controlled maturation process. Its taste is quite different from the common garlic. Black Garlic’s taste is similar to liquorice, but it still keeps the properties of a regular garlic.

What is garlic?

Allium, sativum, or commonly known as garlic, it’s a plant from the lilac family.

Garlic is used in the kitchen as a natural flavouring ingredient. It possesses a characteristic and singular smell that usually comes in some dishes. We can find Morado Garlic, White Garlic and Spring or Chinese Garlic.

What varieties of garlic do exist?

There are three garlic varieties. Morado Garlic, White Garlic and Spring or Chinese Garlic.

Morado Garlic: Medium size head, round and uniform shape, with 8-10 teeth slightly cured, in a half moon shape. The exterior skins that cover them up are in a white or slightly painted colour. The interior skins that protect the teeth, are brighter and tainted in an intense purple colour. It is a spicy and highly intense garlic.

White Garlic: Medium-big size and irregular shape, provided of 10-12 teeth, covered by white skins. This is a spicy, middle intensity garlic.

Spring or Chinese Garlic: Big, regular and flatten head. It is a white garlic with purple striation, provided with 10-12 teeth in a straight shape, covered by rose-coloured skin.

Low spicy taste garlic.

How can we peel a garlic without touching it for 10 seconds?

Place the garlic inside a closed can, shake it and in less than 10 seconds it will be peeled.

How can we store Peeled Garlic?

Peeled garlic needs to be preserved in the cold, between 0º and 4º, you can keep it in the fridge during 1 month inside a plastic container.

What are the differences between morado garlic and chinese garlic?

Morado Garlic has a bigger proportion, when it comes to organosulfurized compounds, than White Garlic or Spring Garlic. Between these compounds it is found allicin, which is the main responsible of Morado Garlic’s intense smell and flavour.

Allicin is garlic’s active principle, which provides most of its properties and medicinal effects.