We know that you love garlic (especially those from Imperio Garlic 😉 ) and that as “expert” cooks, you have the good habit of including it in your recipes. Therefore, in this article we give you some practical advices about how to preserve garlic for as long as possible while maintaining all its properties. Since as one of our favorite Spanish garlic sayings states, whoever eats garlic and drinks wine is invincible.

Preserve garlic: how to keep garlic heads

Garlic heads need to breathe. Consequently, the most advisable idea is to keep them in a cool, dry place and away from the light in an open container. Also, it is convenient to store them away from other foods. The ideal places are the pantry and the kitchen terrace (as long as the sun does not get too hot). The heads of garlic last more than 8 weeks if they are whole. Nevertheless, once broken, its duration is 7-10 days. What can we do to preserve garlic in those cases, when we already have the cloves?

conservar los ajos interior

Preserve garlic: how to preserve garlic cloves

  • In oil: simple. We put garlic cloves in a container and then cover them with olive oil. This way, they will always be ready to use.
  • In the freezer: we chop the garlic, put it in an airtight bag and … below zero! The advisable thing is to consume them before two months, to be able to appreciate all its flavor.
  • Garlic salt: not only is it a practical way to preserve garlic, but it is also delicious. How to do it: first we dry the peeled garlic cloves and chop them until we get garlic powder. Then, we mix it with sea salt. Next, we store the garlic salt in a glass container that we have at home (we can reuse those in which the legumes come, for example).

Pro tip: take a look to this video from Canal Cocina (in Spanish) to quickly remember some tips.

As you can see, although they have a long duration, it is possible to preserve garlic for a longer time using some of the tricks that we have told you. Finally, do you have any advice that you want to share with us? We will love to know, since your ideas are important for Imperio Garlic.