In addition to eating garlic, did you know how more can be done with it?
One of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet and essential in our gazpachos, aliolis sauces or other dishes such as shrimp with garlic, garlic is one of the essential ingredients nowadays and always in our cuisine.

Almost any dish in our kitchen is valid to add garlic and enhance the flavor. Either in the form of seasoning like a roasted turkey, or if it is the prominent ingredient as in white garlic soup, a typical dish now that summer is approaching.

However, garlic has many applications, many more than we imagine, and not all acts as a condiment for food. Keep reading if you want to know which ones.

Beyond the kitchen

Alternative uses of garlic

1 Make glue only with garlic

Surely you remember some time when you needed glue and you do not find any at home or the one you find is too dry. Do not worry. Do you have garlic on hand? Then you can make your own glue!
How? To start, choose a good head of fresh garlic and peel it. With a pair of teeth you will have enough. Cut them in half and press them hard, so you can extract all their juice. With it, directly on the surface to be glued, you will have a simple homemade glue at your disposal.
If you want a more powerful adhesive, you can add a pinch of plaster to the filtered juice of several garlics, with which you will create a paste, to which you can add a little water in case you want to make it lighter.

2 Good for the skin and lips

Garlic is rich in antioxidant properties, a source of vitamins and more substances that will help you to exfoliate the skin and look a perfect complexion. Also, it has no trick. Apply it directly on the skin and soon you will notice the benefits. It also helps fight acne!
And not only that, if you apply a raw garlic directly on a cold sore for 10 minutes several times a day you will be able to cure the sore.

3 Mosquito repellent

With the arrival of heat our hated mosquitoes also arrive. Did you know that garlic can help us kill them? Heat a little olive oil and add two cloves of garlic well crushed. Once infused, let rest at least twenty-four hours.
Once that time has passed, you will only have to add a glass of water and a little lemon juice. Well mixed, any empty spray can will be used to apply it and use it as a repellent.

4 Against rheumatism

If you suffer from rheumatism problems, a mixture of crushed garlic combined with alcohol will prepare you to spread over the area and relieve your pain. After several days, you will notice that the pain is decreasing.

5 Get out any splinter

Have you stuck a splinter of wood on your finger and there’s no way to get it out? Leave the tongs aside and take a garlic from the kitchen. Cut a thin slice of a clove of garlic and place it on the chipped finger. Wrap the tooth with a band-aid and let it rest for a few hours. After that time, you will see that the splinter came out of your skin.