Working since 1968 to offer you garlics and onions of the the highest quality.

At the start, our main aim was to cultivate and sale garlic of superior quality. Mr. Francisco Mira Hernández, Imperio founder, focused on getting a type of farming maintaining the quality and the know-how, in order to meet the most discerning demand.

Imperio’s activity was based on garlic farming, handling and export. Later we incorporate the onion farming; onion is nowadays a key factor in our company.

We have become one of the leader companies in the garlic wholesale trade because of the thorough process of our product’s farming, selection and exportation.

The 4th range plays a fundamental part, in which we are immersed from a while ago in order to adapt ourselves to this new claim and open new business roads in what it regards to the garlic wholesale.

Imperio is ready for the new challenges, clients are asking for new models and consumer alternatives. We are long absorbed in the 4th range to adapt ourselves to this new demand and to open new business lines.

We can be competitive and we can offer a product making the difference thanks to our constant innovation in each process, our desire for self-improvement and our tenacity for a well-done job.

Fco. Vicente Mira Costa