Ajos Imperio, CSR and the commitment with the environment

Ajos Imperio is highly concerned about being respectful with the environment and this is one of the main principles that regulate our corporate policies.

To guarantee the compliance of these premises, the company has a Quality and Environment Department, leaded by Isabel González García, to whom we have approached today so she can inform us about SAT Imperio’s policy of action in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

What measures do we carry out to be respectful with the environment in our activity Both our facilities as well as the equipments go through the necessary check-ups and inspections to ensure they work perfectly thus avoiding pollution as much as possible and also minimizing the consumption of fuel. Moreover, we manage accordingly our residues; we recycle as much as we can and we send residues to a waste treatment plant to be managed by authorized agents.

SAT Imperio supports organic farming, What percentage of our total production is classified as organic?  Roughly 20% of our crops are organic production.

What “organic” pesticides or fertilizers do we use? Are they used in all the crops or just in the organic production?  Our cultivations are made according to the guidelines of Integrated Production, therefore we carry out treatments only when there’s no other option and we use products that cause little or no harm to the environment, using the recommended doses and considering the secondary fauna.

How do we apply that concern about the environment to the containers and packages of the products? Are we using recycled materials? Is the plastic we use in the fourth range eco-friendly  or less contaminating? Are our suppliers ecologically responsible?  Every year we have to submit our packing declaration to Ecoembes and this way we guarantee that the packages we put in the market will be dealt with the correct way. That’s why all our packages have the Ecoembes distinctive symbol. Likewise a good deal of our organic products are packed in biodegradable containers.

What quality certifications related to the environment does the company have? SAT Imperio  is ISO 14001 certified. The foundation of our processes is to elaborate healthy and safe (innocous) products for the consumer as established in our HACCPP system and in the current sanitary laws.