SAT IMPERIO is a national and international projection company, with more than 50 years of experience in the handling and commercialization of both garlic and onion.

SAT IMPERIO management establishes an Environmental Management System based on the Norm UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015, which applies to the whole organization and it is managed towards the fulfillment of the Environment goals through a process and a methodology based in the evaluation of several risks, with the objective of setting final goals and prevent deviations or not conformities in the Environmental Management System.

The Environmental Policy is based on these aspects:

  • LEGISLATION COMPLIANCE Management direction guarantees the Environmental respect and protection, as well as the legal requirement compliance and other that the company suscribe in environmental materia and that could affect to the activity’s development.


  • CLIENTS SATISFACTION. SAT IMPERIO targets itself with the objective of supplying products that satisfy their clients’ needs and expectations inside of its intervention environment, looking out, for the Environment’s protection.


  • INNOVATION AND CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, based on the monitoring process application, measuring, analysis and solution establishment.


  • – PARTICIPATION AND MOTIVATION FROM INTERESTED PARTS. It’s essential the full participation from all the company’s workers, providers, our clients and other external organizations in the pursuit of improving the Environmental Management System. It is extremely important to count on with highly motivated personal, sensibilized and very aware of their job’s importance, in order to reach the organization’s Environmental objectives.


  • – MANAGEMENT’S LEADERSHIP. The Management area assumes as their own obligation the agreement to practice leadership in the implantation, adequation and continuous efficacy in the Environmental Management  System. To do so, it provides the necessary resources and it makes sure that the organization’s Environmental Management System it’s being launched through the periodic revision, with the purpose of being appropriated to the established goals and objectives. Having into account the importance of Environmental impacts in the Policy establishment.


  • – BENEFIT  COMMUNICATION. Internal and external communication with transparency criteria, which will be revealed in a complete and effective way at the disposal of the interested parts.


  • Minimize contamination originated from our activities and services, identifying and acting over the environmental associated aspects. Counting with the compromise of respecting natural resources.


  • – RESOURCES AND PROCESSES OPTIMIZATION. In order to achieve services that satisfy the contemplated needs within the better possible guarantees.


  • – THE DECISION MAKING PROCESS  IS BASED ON DATA AND OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE. The data from the System that the decision making process is based on are: Clients complaints request, Clients satisfaction, Internal audits. etc. The Management area declares as a compulsory compliance, in every field of the organization, the Environmental Management System, which has been defined in the Manual and in the applicable normative.

It’s been declared from the Management area as compulsory compliance in every organizational field, the Environmental System defined in the legislation and applicable normative Manual.