Peeled garlic is one of the products that has been experimenting a greater growth during the past years in Spain, in great measure because of its easy use and the increasing consume of it.

Imperio Garlic, the peeled garlic producer leader in Spain, in its effort to satisfy its clients need present its own peeled garlic in different formats depending on the claim: 10kg, 1kg, 500g and 100g.

We would you to meet the big Imperio Peeled Garlic family. Several formats and packagings all with the same goal of having fresh garlic ready to be used. We present peeled garlic in bags and in cans.

It exists the possibility of changing the formats under order, in order to do so you can request some more information to our sale team.

Are you interested in knowing more about Imperio Garlic’s Peeled Garlic?

As producers of peeled garlic, Imperio Garlic sells the product in Spain and also in international markets. Countries such as Canada, the USA, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Norway, Austria, Germany or Italy are big consumers of peeled garlic, they appreciate the premium quality of Imperio Garlic and therefore they trust our quality and service when purchasing this product.

The peeling process is, of course, the key, and it’s a very interesting process. It’s carried out with state of the art compressed air technology and subsequent selection. Sterilization is also a key step of the process to guarantee the best quality in the final product, packaged in the next generation packaging formats. The procedure to handle the product is done very carefully as well, avoiding hits and scratches, keeping it in the best conditions for distribution.

Peeled garlic is a convenient way of consuming the most popular condiment of the spanish cuisine. The perfect fix for those who prefer using peeled garlic whether because they find it very convenient or because they don’t have enough time.
This way they save the time of peeling the garlic cloves but they keep the quality of the product intact. A smart choice! At Imperio Garlic we are aware of that, and that’s why we offer peeled garlic, so we can ensure that our clients get excellence and convenience from our product.
Besides, we take every opportunity to get closer to our clients and potential customers. For example, we recently took part in Fruit Logistica, held in Berlin. For us quality and proximity are equally important.

What are the uses of peeled garlic?

Peeled garlic turns out to be an effective solution for different situations. Whether peeled, minced or laminated, make sure your choice is Spanish Purple garlic. Convenient, neat and quick to use in all your culinary creations.

Are you in a rush but you still want to use top quality ingredients?

Just use peeled garlic!

Do you want garlic to take the leading role in your dishes?

Thanks to our peeled garlic your recipes will stand out with an exclusive flavour.

Are you thing about using garlic for just a touch of flavour?

Easy. Chop one garlic clove and mix it with the rest of the ingredients.
Do it this way and you will get just a touch of flavour.

Peeled garlic cloves 500 grs Plastic box
Peeled Garlic Cloves 100 grs Doypack
Peeled Garlic Bag 1 kg
Peeled Garlic 6 kg
Peeled Garlic 10 kg
Peeled Garlic 1,5 kg
Peeled Garlic 1 kg
Garlic paste 2kg
Garlic paste 15 kg