Fruit Attraction, the International Fruit and Vegetables Fair, opened its doors to the public on the 23rd October, no expense was spared in their 10th anniversary. The place they chose was Feria de Madrid, and it was organized by IFEMA and FEPEX. Two days that were used as a meeting point for more than 70.000 professionals in the fruit and vegetable field of around 120 countries.

The event is being more popular each time between companies that are looking for a place to present their newness around the world. In order to win visibility and positioning at their sector.

As well as it can be very informative, the fair is a place that allows the public to discover the new global trends in the market. It is the perfect way to identify new business ideas and possible innovations. At the same time, it can also be a good opportunity in order to look for new contacts, suppliers or identifying shopping opportunities.

What is your opinion about Fruit Attraction 2018?

Once again, people from all around the world has approached to this new edition of the most important national Fair: Fruit Attraction. As always, the fair has exceeded all kinds of expectations. Each year it grows further, counting already with 10 pavilions. Including people who work at countries such as France, Germany, Holland… they meet at this prestigious encounter in where producers, distributors and buyers get to know each other so they can reach a successful negotiation.  Maybe in the short term it can be a European reference in the sector.

Which are the Imperio products that stand out the most?

This year at the fair we decided we wanted to stand out with our two most popular products: garlic and onions. Thanks to the effort, quality and service we got to position ourselves as a national and European level reference in the sector.

Did it feel like an international feeling projection?

This year, Canada and Saudi Arabia, have been the importer markets guests.
However, most of the public that attends Fruit Attraction are buyers from European platforms. Let’s say that just a few from other places around the world. What we can confirm is that the fair allowed us to interact with the international community.

Something to improve for 2019?

From our point of view, it could be possible to improve the location and positioning of Spanish companies above the European ones, because it is the country where we find ourselves in. It would be convenient to focus more into Spanish businesses and position them in a beneficial way compering to the rest. Nevertheless, this task may be responsibility from the administration and management area than from the fair itself.

Would you highlight any Spanish company in particular?

There have been more than 1.600 exhibitors’ companies at the fair. However, as I said, I’d stand out the national companies, specifically some stablished around the Levante area. For example, the business from Murcia: “Transportes El Mosca”, which has been participating at the Fruit Attraction fair for four years. Its goal is to develop its own transporting services globally, the terrestrial ones – including refrigerator tracks – as much as the maritime ones – including Reeder containers.

Also, Bici Bio Nature, with more than 40 years working at the citric exporting sector, it participated at the fair by presenting their 8.000 tonnes production from their own, which they are counting on for the 2018/2019 campaign.

Let’s not forget about Bonnysa, one of Alicante’s agro-alimentary company, which has been taking part of the Fair for 10 years. This year they increased their stand size and also have included new activities. They’ve presented a show cooking with a well-known cooker and blogger, in where they showed their products ‘versatility and possibilities.