Everyone knows that garlic is one of the main ingredients of our Mediterranean cuisine. Many of our dishes would lose its touch without the flavour that garlic gives. Nevertheless, this is not a simple cooking seasoning. Garlic has so many properties for our system.

Besides all known properties, science is discovering new ones. Due to its nutrients and other substances, garlic is the perfect ingredient to introduce as many times we can in our diet.

Do you want to know all garlic properties?

When you cut or smash the garlic bulb, you can see it releases a sulphur compound, the allicin. One of the characteristics of this substance is that it is very volatile, so it is good to consume fresh garlic, without cooking previously. Another allicin benefit is to eliminate some oral pathogenic bacteria, which makes garlic a natural antibiotic.

Another garlic property is to help to increase the insulin levels, with that we can reduce the sugar levels in our blood system. Yes, you can stabilize your glucose by consuming garlic! In addition, garlic helps to decrease cholesterol and it is a natural remedy to lose some weight.

Also, garlic has some antioxidant properties that protect you from cellular damage and prevent ageing effects, this happens due to the oxidative stress and brain inflammation. To put it simple, we can say that garlic is important to decrease the risk of suffering neurodegenerative diseases such as, Alzheimer or diseases like dementia or Parkinson.

Garlic is a great digestive; it improves the secretion of stomach juices. It also has antiseptic properties that help us with some stomach and digestive illness. Garlics is very good for people who suffer from gastritis or ulcer.

properties-Imperio garlic

Another garlic property is that it is anticoagulant, vasodilator and depurative. Garlic helps to open blood vessels and increases the amount of blood flow, protecting in this way the heart and the arteries.

Start to consume garlic and it will strengthen your immune system and, with it, to increase the defences of your organism.

Garlic is also good for our skin. It is very good for people who suffer with acne, since it helps to cure skin diseases and other allergies. If you suffer from cold sores in your lips, you can apply white garlic when you notice that it will appear and you can forget about it!

As you can tell, garlic is an amazing product and it serves for all types of situation. From decreasing sugar levels, to prevent diseases or curing skin problems. Garlic properties are growing continuously and it is a much-recommended product for many situations. It has many elements such as potassium, iodine and magnesium, which are essential for a proper metabolism. If you do not use garlic in your diet, you can check our list of garlic benefits, we are sure that you will start using it more often.