Our own farming makes the difference

Imperio’s main value is its own farming. We are producers and exporters of 100% spanish garlic, with PGI Las Pedroñeras Purple Garlic.

This was an established strategy from the very beginning, making our products unique, guaranteeing the capacity to satisfy our clients demand. We also rely on a staff with a long experience in all the process from the sawing to the recollection. A process brought to fruition which has allowed us to develop our own methods. And these methods make the difference in our products.

We work with both early and late variety of garlic and onions, allowing us to supply our clients all year along. We cultivate the traditional Spanish purple garlic, BIO garlic, together with other varieties according to the liking of consumers. We are at the forefront with the market most demanded varieties. The onion farming is gradually growing due to the clients’ demand. These clients have relied on our know how.