Fruit Logistica 2015: Record breaking attendance and satisfactory results for the sector

Once we’ve landed back from our stay in Fruit Logistica, a fair which is an international reference in the fruit and vegetable trade, we’re back to our hectic pace of daily life; feeling highly satisfied that we have contributed to make history.

Berlin’s fair, held in the German capital between the 4th and 6th of February, 2015 has been an unprecedented success that has boosted the activity of both exhibitors and visitors; who seemed optimistic about the new season.

Record-setting number of exhibitors and visitors, under the flag of innovation

According to the Organizer’s official sources it’s clear that this year has been a record breaker; in the number of exhibitors as well as visitors. An international event with representatives spanning the 5 continents.

Likewise, attendants and participants expressed their high level of satisfaction with the final results. On the one hand most of the exhibitors estimated the results they got from the fair will turn into an increase of their business activities. On the other hand virtually all the visitors considered their experience at the event as very positive, and we completely agree with this.

Annual meeting point with the Global Trade

Like every year, SAT nº 9888 Imperio, took part in this international fair which has a remarkable role as an annual meeting point with the Global Trade.

Fruit Logistica offers the unique opportunity to meet up, in one single place, with clients, suppliers and contributors from any origin; under one single, prominently professional umbrella.

It’s because of this that our company uses this setting as a place to search for new contacts, generate synergies and specially to encourage customer loyalty of those clients that year after year put their trust in us.

The place to introduce and advertise new products

Also, this fruit and vegetable international fair works as the perfect showcase to introduce and advertise new products in the market. The most outstanding products of the fruit and vegetable industry can be found in Fruit Logistica every year; and our company, committed to innovation and development, duly attends the appointment, and we prepare with careful dedication our booth and our proposals.

Fourth range products, the present

Another remarkable aspect present in this fair has been the bet on the fourth range. In order to promote the consumption of these products, facilitate their release in the market and introduction into new markets, companies put a lot of effort to offer presentations that are attractive and useful, that can be adapted to the new daily needs of consumers.

Thus, companies have taken one step further, going from selling fruits and vegetables supplied straightaway from the farm to products that are processed so they can be ready to consume, such is the case of natural garlic peeled, which doesn’t lose any of the basic characteristics that defines it: freshness, quality and being natural.