Garlic has always taken up a major place in culinary history, popular medicine, and in rites and beliefs of magic traditional religions.
Garlic has always been famous for its healing effects, garlic was destined to preserve health and dispel evil spirits.
In ancient Greece garlic was used for magic, dietetic, and healing purposes. Homer could rescue Ulysses thanks to the magic power of this condiment, which he called Moly, as it’s pointed in one of the most well-known references of garlic classic texts.
For Jews garlic was and is a vital point in their diet, and its stimulating effects for the organism together with its aphrodisiac effects- revitalizing the organism and increasing the sexual desire- were very well known.
Today the garlic importance in both the diet and pharmacopoeia in the most ancient civilizations is unquestionable. In ancient Egypt garlic was so highly valued that it was used as bargaining chip.
Garlic is a bulb plant belonging to the Lilac family, Allium Sativum, its strong smelly bulb is composed of small parts called clove. Nowadays, we know garlic is an effective bactericide protecting us from some infections and illness; however in old times these effects were just the result of magic.