The 8th of March we celebrate the International Women’s Day. This day aims to acknowledge the effort and dedication with which women commit themselves in the labour market.

SAT Imperio could not skip this perfect occasion given the importance of the female human capital in the company.  This agriculture farming company has, only in its headquarters, one hundred women and this figure doubles up during the high season.

Day by day these women select and prepare garlic that will end up in our tables, through one of the widest  national and international distribution chains. SAT Imperio products can be found in large retail outlets here and also in other Eastern and Western countries.

As a small but sincere appreciation gesture this company wants to present our female employees with a gourmet chocolate box along with a note stating how proud our company is to be able to count on their unconditional support, day by day.

“When a woman wants something she only has to be determined about it. Thank you for your determination to stay with us day by day”. Such are the gratitude words from SAT Imperio to the female personnel in this important day.

SAT Imperio’s commitment with women goes beyond borders

This year, the company wanted to take one step further helping our closest surrounding area in the International Women’s Day with our most valued contribution, our products. And thus we’ll be giving out selected garlic bulbs decorated for the occasion among the participants of the Solidarity Walk against Cancer organized by Algorfa’s

Association against Cancer (Alicante)

The World Health Organization recommends eating at least 2 cloves of garlic every day.  Its consumption can help to prevent different types of cancer, besides many other benefits for our health. With this sample SAT Imperio wants to show the strong commitment with women’s health in our area.