Jesús José Bernabé, known as Chuchi by his friends. A true champion. His biggest victory has been in his battle for life. A crusade against cancer he could face and leave behind. Chuchi is an example of overcoming, of not being dragged by destiny and having a strong will to carry on.

He´s been able to not only overcome a brain cancer but also to carry on with new challenges. An evidence of this is the fact that we have witnessed how, for the second time, he has finished the race Cadí-Moixeró in the UltraPirineu of 100k/D+6800

This second time he was competing only 2 months after having brain surgery to remove the tumour. Sat Imperio did not hesitate to encourage and sponsor this brave mountain runner, a neighbour of Benejúzar, the birthplace of our company. Therefore, we would like to share with all of you the experience of Jesús J. Bernabé in the following interview:


Chuchi, since when are you a mountain runner?

Around March 2010 I was 170 kgs, so I had a stomach reduction surgery and from that moment I started running. In 2012 when I was already 85 kg I started running in the mountain.

What´s the most rewarding thing about this hard sport activity?

My biggest reward is being in touch with nature. Besides it makes me feel free and it allows me to get a better knowledge of myself.

 What was your motivation to start running just 2 months after the surgery?

I wanted to prove myself and everybody that you shouldn´t stop doing what you love only because you have this disease, we are sick, but not dead.

 What did doctors advise you to do?

They told me to be careful and to be calm and that I should listen to my body.

During the race, did you have any moment in which you thought you wouldn´t be able to finish it?

I had doubts from km 55 to 60 but when I got to the 66th km I spoke with my wife on the phone and her voice gave me wings to continue in the competition.

We know that was not you last trace and that you´ve just finished a special challenge. Tell us about your last challenge, the day before Pilar´s Day (12 October)

The last 29th of June right after my brain tumour surgery I promised my “Pilarica” that I would run from San Pascual, in Orito to Benejúzar, and that I would go with her barefoot from the church to her sanctuary, and I could fulfil that promise with my good friend Antonio Prats.

Do you have any other trips scheduled?

I will have the pleasure to participate in the UCAM FALCOTRAIL in Cehegín (MURCIA), invited by them by the way, and I´m very grateful about it. It will be a 42 km. race in the mountain. I will be supporting the 5 and 10 km race on pavement in Benejúzar; we are organizing a 32 and 16 km race in the mountains of Benejúzar by the 10th of January and I will be participating in the AITANA PUIG CAMPANA, another mountain race, held in Finestrat. For the next year I have BIGGER CHALLENGES, LIKE GOING UP THE KILIMANJARO, THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN IN AFRICA WITH 6000MTS OF POSITIVE GRADIENT; AND IN AUGUST I WILL TRY TO RUN THE MONTBLANC ULTRATRAIL, 168 KM IN A MAXIMUM TIME OF 48 HRS, 10.000 MTS OF POSITIVE GRADIENT.

Last but not least, any advice for those who are going through a similar situation to yours, in a battle against this terrible illness?

I would advise them to stay positive, the main thing in the battle against this illness is being a positive person, happy, and above all to practice sport. And to have passion for life and seek support in your family and good friends.