We know you love garlic (especially Imperio ́s) and we also know that as the good foodies you are you like to  add it to your recipes. In this post you´ll get some practical tips to preserve garlic the longest period possible while keeping all its properties. One of our favourite garlic themed proverbs goes those who eat garlic and drink wine can ́t be defeated by even a viper.

Preserving garlic:  How to preserve whole bulbs

Garlic bulbs need to breathe. Consequently, the most suitable option would be keeping them in a cool dry place, away from light sources in an open container.

It’s a good idea to store garlic away from other food, the best places are the pantry and the kitchen utility room (as long as there ́s no direct sunlight in it).

With these conditions the garlic bulbs will last for more than 8 weeks if they’re whole. However, once you break them they will last for 7-10 days. So what can we do to preserve the garlic cloves in this case, when we have only the cloves, not the whole bulb?

conservar los ajos interior

How to preserve garlic: Preserving garlic cloves

  • Oil preserve: Easy. We put the garlic cloves in a jar and we cover them with olive oil. This way, you will have them ready any time.
  • In the freezer: We chop the garlic cloves, put them in a zip bag and, below zero! We recommend consumption within 2 months to enjoy all the flavour.

  • Garlic salt: This one is a very convenient as well as delicious way to preserve garlic. How to proceed: First we dry the peeled garlic cloves and we grind them until we get garlic powder. Then, we mix it with sea salt. After that we put it in a glass container (We can reuse glass jars we have at home, those we use to store beans, for example).

As you can see, although garlic has naturally a long shelf life it is possible to preserve it for longer if you use some of the tips we’ve shared with you. Would you like to share any other tips with us? We would love to know about them. Your ideas and thoughts are very valuable for Imperio Garlic.