At Imperio Garlic we not only produce top quality garlic, but we also do it responsibly. To do this, we follow the guidelines of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Our commitment is to produce the best garlic in the market respecting the environment. And we get it day after day.

What stamps certify the RSC of Garlic Empire?

Imperio Garlic is certified in ISO 14001. This certification is proof of the integration of environmental issues in the overall management of the company. That is to say, that we care about the environment and it is a topic that we take into account when making business decisions.

What guidelines do we follow to comply with CSR?

  • Waste management: we recycle as many elements as possible.
  • Treatment: we send the waste to a treatment plant for optimal management.
  • Tuning: all our machines and installations are inspected inspected to ensure proper operation and efficiency in the use of fuel.

Organic farming and CSR

Approximately 20% of the production of Imperio Garlic is ecologicalThanks to this way of producing, the excellent flavor of our garlic bio is achieved.

Packaging and RSC

Year after year we make the declaration of packaging to Ecoembes, which guarantees an adequate management of the packaging that we put on the market. Also, an important part of our organic products are packaged using biodegradable materials.

rsc interior

Pesticides and CSR

In our plantations, we follow the guidelines of integrated production. What does this mean? That  treatments are carried out only when it is essential and that, in addition, we use products that harm the environment and the local fauna in a minimum instance.

Who guarantees compliance with the CSR?

The commitment of Imperio Garlic to the environment is so strong that at the time we created the department of quality and environment. From here, our team works every day to ensure that we continue to fulfill the commitment we have already achieved.

As can be seen, in Imperio Garlic we go beyond the production of garlic. We have a commitment to nature. Definitely, thanks to it we obtain our raw material of excellent quality.