Today is Saint Isidro the Ploughman’s day. Patron Saint of agricultural farmers. A very special day for those for whom the land is the essence of our existence; our working site of preference, whose traditions and customs define our routine day by day. We want to be thankful with our Mother Earth and everything she gives us, so our company wanted to celebrate the Patron Saint´s day and there´s no better place to do it than Madrid, the capital city of Spain where we have our crops planted and a place where Saint Isidro´s day is celebrated in a very special way.

San Isidro´s bullfighting fair is well known as well as all the activities happening all over the capital city those days, which is invaded by a genuine and iconic air.

Thus, Imperio Garlic has sent a garlic braid to Saint Isidro´s chapel that will serve as decoration of the altarpiece chapel, honouring the Patron Saint. Mass will be celebrated having 2 garlic bouquets as decoration of the statue that will later go on pilgrimage with the people.

In the picture next you can see these gifts, ready to be sent to the chapel in Madrid.

The farming land is our origin, and our reason for being.

Imperio Garlic is mainly a garlic producer, and this competitive advantage allows us to have garlic available throughout all seasons so we can supply the main distributers both inland and abroad.
This week we have started harvesting in Córdoba our key product: garlic, source of good health and basic ingredient in the gastronomy of the entire world. We will presently start to harvest the crops in La Mancha. Everything has been prepared with a great deal of excitement to collect the fruits of a whole year of hard work.