Peeled garlic is a practical way to consume our favorite seasoning of Spanish cuisine. It is an ideal solution for those people who, for reasons of time or practicality, prefer to choose peeled garlic. In this way, they save the time to peel them, however, they maintain the quality of the product. A smart decision! In Imperio Garlic we know this, therefore, we offer peeled garlic. This is how we guarantee our customers excellence and comfort. In addition, we take advantage of every possible opportunity to be close to our customers and potential consumers. For example, we recently participated in the Fruit Logistica fair in Berlin. For us, quality and proximity are equally important.

peeled garlic - detail

What is peeled garlic used for?

The peeled garlic is presented as an effective solution for various situations:

Do we have little time but we want to cook with the highest quality ingredients?
Let’s use peeled garlic!

Are we looking for garlic to be the protagonist of our dishes?
Thanks to the peeled garlic, our recipes will stand out for their unique flavor.

Do we have the idea of ​​using garlic to add a touch of flavor?
Simple, we cut a peeled garlic clove and mix it with the other ingredients. In this way, we ensure a brushstroke of flavor.

Why is it advisable to cook with garlic?

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to use peeled garlic on our plates.
Amongst them:

  1. Flavor:  Spanish cuisine is one of the main attractions of our country. Who does not eat a good garlic soup, a gazpacho or a arròs al forn (baked rice, typical from València)? Who does not enjoy putting allioli (literally, garlic-and-oil) to our famous tapas?
  2.  For its properties:  This seasoning is not only delicious, but also, there are many benefits of garlic. Did you know that, among other things garlic…

           …is expectorant?
           …helps to alleviate the effects of the common cold?
           …garlic can help prevent Alzheimer’s?
          And there is a huge list when you think about benefits of garlic! Definitely, garlic is a good choice.

Which recipes can I cook with garlic?

There are many recipes that include this ingredient. In this list, we present our favorites:

  1. Caramelized garlic: It is a healthy and tasty way to take peeled garlic. Also, you do not need sugar. Do you wonder how to make caramelized garlic? Come by our recipe section!
  2. Ajo mataero (Killer Garlic – curious name!): A dish that stands out for its tradition and forcefulness. We bet what you want that no one will be left hungry!
  3. Garlic soup: Also known as Castilian soup. It shares the origin and tradition with the previous dish. It is the ideal dish for the so called “mountain days”, the cold waves, or for when you get the whim!

You know, cooking with peeled garlic is practical, healthy and tasty. What are you waiting for to surprise your palate and that of your loved ones with this essential ingredient? Let’s do it!