The XLIII International Garlic Fair in Las Pedroñeras (Cuenca) will have this year an exceptional visitor: our Garlic Gang. A playful activity will go all over the fair facilities inviting the visitors to have a funny moment with the mascot of Imperio Garlic.

The Garlic Gang is part of the official programme of the fair. With the motto “Are you a wiz in the kitchen or you´d rather sit at a set table, which gang are you part of?” Our funny Garlic mascot and its entourage will give out freebies among the public and will take photos with the attendants.

Garlic, a must in the kitchen.

Without a doubt, garlic constitutes an irreplaceable ingredient in the kitchen, in our gastronomy as well as a national level. . The Pedroñeras Fair is a clear example of the relevance of this product in our kitchens, even the most exclusive. An evidence of this would be the star event of this fair: the National Cooking contest whose main argument is to get the most of Las Pedroñeras purple garlic. Highly regarded national and international chefs have joined this challenge and it can boast a top level jury leaded by Manuel de la Osa from Las Rejas Restaurant.

SAT Imperio, at the cutting edge of innovation.

SAT Imperio´s involvement with the garlic fair does not stop here. As a result of our commitment with innovation and our intention of being at the cutting edge of our sector, we wanted to do our bit, sponsoring 2 of the 3 talks that were in the programme these days

Thus, next Saturday July 25th, at 12:30 pm thanks to Jesús Juárez, CEO of SYMBORG, we´ll get to know the progress in organic agriculture. He will tell us about microrrizes in garlic. The same day at 21:00 pm Carmen Santo, our marketing executive will give a presentation about advertising and the internationalization of companies through online marketing. Both topics of the highest interest nowadays.

For all this, we hope to meet you here, an appointment with agriculture in general and purple garlic in particular. A garlic variety which has been considered as the best in the world, and Imperio Garlic takes good care of it, helping to spread the news nationally as well as internationally.