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We all know that garlic has a unique taste and that it constitutes an indispensable ingredient in our cuisine. However, this ancient condiment is not only a delight for the palate, but there are also important the benefits of garlic for our health. In conclusion, if jeans are a must in our wardrobe, so it is garlic in our cupboard.

Benefits of garlic - garlic on the table

Garlic: a great ally for our dishes and our health.

Garlic is beneficial for blood circulation: its properties contribute to regulation of blood pressure. For this reason, it is a natural and healthy home remedy which may be truly helpful for those people who suffer from hypertension. This is the conclusion reached by Dr Karin Reid and her team (from University of Adelaide in Australia) in their research Effect of garlic on blood pressure: systematic review and meta-analysis. This investigation was published in the well-known BMC Cardiovascular Disorders medical journal.


Garlic can contribute to improve the condition of our liver. According to several investigations published in the Indian Journal of Experimental Biology, garlic helps to revert hepatic problems. Thus, it comes as a simple way of having influence in the recovery process of an important problem.


This unbelievable condiment may also alleviate the effects of the common cold. We all have experienced it: winter comes, and from one day to the other, we get cold and we wander like zombies with watery eyes and runny nose. Can you think about any solution? Well, a little bit of garlic might be the key! As stated in the study Garlic for the common cold, it exists a correlation between garlic intake and early recovery from cold. We can finally stop sneezing!


What should we do when cholesterol attacks? Again, trust in benefits of garlic! According to different studies, the regular consumption of moderate amounts of garlic boosts the decrease of triglyceride levels and the so known as “bad cholesterol”. As they say, “a little bit of garlic a day keeps the doctor away”.


What else can garlic do? Detox! By including garlic in our diet, we can clean our body and eliminate toxins. Win-win: we flavour up our recipes and besides, we keep ourselves in shape.


One of the most surprising benefits of garlic is that it may prevent alzheimer. Due to its multiple properties, (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, for instance), garlic contributes to correct preservation of cells, including the ones in our brain.


Garlic benefits us both mentally and phisically

As we can see, including garlic in our cuisine brings us a huge amount of advantages which will help us taking care of our body and our mind. Because this unbelievable ingredient doesn’t only look after our hardware, but also our software! So keep calm and use Imperio Garlic!