We have reasons to celebrate. Our Purple garlic has been officially acknowledged by the PGI as Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras. As a Protected Geographical Indication, we are the vital centre for purple garlic crops coming from the natural region of Mancha Baja (Mota del Cuervo, Las Pedroñeras, San Clemente…)

SAT Imperio can boast the emblem  that acknowledges us as a full rights member of this collective and it can be associated to the purple garlic, which is considered one of the best varieties in the world.  This recognition has been given thanks to the organoleptic characteristics and all the healthy properties which are higher in this variety than in any other.

This means going one step further in Imperio´s search for excellence. This company is not only committed to quality and innovation in the transformation and commercialization of our products but we´re also an example of marketing practices and of how to communicate in the food and agriculture sector, we support sports and all healthy practices.

Together in the competition with Chinese garlic

The PGI Purple Garlic is an acknowledgment from the European Union, an symbol of quality, uniqueness and international prestige. This stamp will make it easy for consumers to distinguish the Spanish purple garlic from other varieties, like the Chinese garlic, which is evidently different in flavour and properties and can lead to the consumer confusing the products.

Moreover, belonging to the PGI Purple Garlic means that all the producers work with the same quality standards, and they apply to all the stages, sowing, cares, harvesting, storing and transformation.

From now on, the products under the Brand Imperio will have on their labels the PGI Purple Garlic from Las Pedroñeras symbol. The first event in which we will show this emblem will be the International Trade Show for the Fruit and Vegetable, Fruit Attraction, which will be held next October (28 th to the 30th) at IFEMA (Madrid)