Hello, Imperio cooks! Are you holding lunch / dinner at your place and want to surprise your visitors? We recommend you trust in an infallible classic: homemade alioli. Because buying it ready is easy. However, making it at home is satisfactory and you will gain in taste and quality. In addition, you can choose the ingredients that you like the most. Like, for example, peeled garlic from Imperio. This is an important advantage! Stay with our recipe and your visitors will not want to eat another alioli. Chef’s word;)

What we need to prepare homemade alioli

Ingredients for 5 people (approx.)

A glass of virgin olive oil
2 garlic cloves (from Imperio Garlic, because our quality is excellent and we have certificates that guarantee it)
1 egg 
Fresh parsley (optional)
Salt and Aabit of freshly squeezed lemon juice

How to prepare homemade alioli

First, we chop the peeled garlic. Then, we throw it into the glass of the blender, accompanying it with the egg and add a generous stream of olive oil.

Then, we introduce the blender arm to the bottom and begin to beat. We will only raise the blender when we see that the mixture is binding correctly.

Later on, we add the oil progressively. We throw as much thick as we like this sauce. Of course, we must bear in mind that the more oil we put, the more we must beat to achieve the ideal texture.

Finally, we add the lemon juice and continue beating, paying attention in order to avoid alioli to separate.

Once it is finished, we take the glass from the blender and put the homemade aioli in a bowl with the help of a spoon. Ready to enjoy!

alioli casero interior

Uses of homemade alioli

Alioli is a very popular recipe because it can be combined with almost every type of food.
In this way, it can be taken with fish, seafood, meat, potatoes and vegetables. Everything depends on the region in which we are.

About the temperature is consumed, it also varies. It is normally consumed at room temperature or cold. However, sometimes you join to gratin some dishes, therefore, it is also usual to consume it hot. It is the positive of the alioli, that it is always tasty.

Bonus: a couple of recipes with homemade alioli

As in Imperio we love taking care of our customers, here we leave you a couple of recipes for you to go practicing the aioli technique. The first is a cold dish for when it is warmer, and these are delicious potatoes with alioli. The second is a hot dish, which in addition to tasty is simple. Taste the baked cod with alioli and enjoy! And what about you, which recipes with homemade alioli do you like?

*(both recipes are in Spanish because it’s the original recipe,and they are easy to follow).