Purple garlic from Imperio Garlic is unique, as our customers already know. Not only does it have a characteristic flavor that can add an extra point to all your recipes. But it also has numerous benefits for your health. Therefore, it has been considered a super-food for centuries and has found its place in Spanish popular culture, as many sayings state. Do you want to know why our garlic is unique and worthy of the Protected Geographical Indication of Las Pedroñeras? Keep reading:

Differentiating characteristics of purple garlic IGP Las Pedroñeras

How do we distinguish purple garlic IGP Las Pedroñeras from other types of garlic? Here we give you the keys:

The head is medium in size, its shape is round and uniform. It has 8-10 slightly curved cloves, covered with shiny skins of violet or deep purple color. In addition, there are other features that will help us identify it. These are: intense aroma, itching and high content of allicin.

purple garlic-chino


How to know that purple garlic is authentic from Las Pedroñeras

First, because of the purple garlic logo of Las Pedroñeras.

Second, by its production method:

The cloves used for the multiplication come exclusively from the sanitary bulbs of purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras. Besides, the cultivation of these garlics takes place within a restricted production area, in plots registered in registries subject to the supervision of the Certification Entity. Furthermore, both the handling and the packaging are carried out by certified companies and submitted to the supervision of the Certification Entity. Bulb items are controlled individually at the reception centers of the handling facilities. Then, upon arrival, it is verified that they meet all the characteristics required by the current marketing regulations and the Specifications. So, garlics that comply with the standards are manipulated at all times independently with respect to the other types of garlic. Only those garlics which go beyond the controls established throughout the process, go on sale under the Geographical Indication.

Eventually, the product is presented in packages with the distinctive logo of the Geographical Indication. 

So every time you buy purple garlic from Las Pedroñeras, like the one from Imperio Garlic, you are buying maximum quality. If you liked this article, we leave you with a video of A la Carta (in Spanish, because it comes from the Spanish TV), which talks about this incredible product.