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Garlic is a delicious condiment, which in addition to entail numerous health benefits, is part of the Spanish culture. In this article we bring you some sayings of garlic with which you will discover some interesting curiosities. Do you want to know when is the best time to plant garlic, or with what food does garlic combine well? Spanish sayings have the answers, and in Imperio Garlic we collect them for you. Keep reading!

Sayings of garlic and other foods

Peeled garlic has a lot of health benefits. It is a delicious and simple way to add multiple properties to your recipes. To enjoy garlic even more, it is accompanied by other foods, such as onion, bread, pepper, etc. And with these ingredients dishes that match with wine are made. Wine, in addition to being one of the small pleasures of life, is also good for our body if consumed in moderate quantities. How delicious it is to take care of yourself! That is the conclusion we draw from these sayings of garlic, which tell us about the condiment and its gastronomic companions.

Boiled garlic, lost garlic.
With bread and raw garlic, everything is safe.
Raw garlic and pure wine pass the safe harbor.
Garlic and pure wine for those who work and walk naked.
Whoever eats garlic and drinks wine is invincible.
Garlic, salt and pepper, and the rest is a story.
The villager dies without garlic.
Eating garlic and drinking wine is not nonsense.
Bread, wine and garlic, make people intelligent.
There is no bell without a clapper, nor good soup without garlic.
Onion said to garlic: never leave me alone.
Garlic, onion and lemon, and forget about injections.
So healthy is work like garlic soup.

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Sayings of garlic and its time of planting

Traditionally, garlic is sown from October to April. In these periods are the days of Saint Martin (November 11) and San Blas (February 3). Therefore, the references to these dates are constant in the sayings of garlic. In addition, garlic is collected in late spring / early summer. Saint Peter is held on June 29, so the garlic sayings also appear. From January the garlic of the previous year begins to spoil, for this reason the sayings of the garlic advises us not to buy garlic in January, since they will be last year. These sayings condense all this information in a simple, clear and easy to remember way.

In snowy weather, a garlic is worth what a horse.
Garlic, for Christmas, neither born nor sown.
For Saint Peter, the garlic is pulled and the leeks are sown.
So many days pass from January, so many garlic loses the garlic farmer.
Garlic, why did you grow up so mean? Because you did not plant me for Saint Martin.
January garlic fills the mortar.
For Saint Martin, garlic is fine.
If you want to leave the garlic business, plant the garlic in February.
For Saint Martin, the wives plant garlic.

In Imperio Garlic we strive day after day to offer you garlic of excellent quality. Not only do we want you to taste it, but we also like to share with you recipes, news and curiosities so you can get to know it better. Now that you know a little more about this food, we encourage you to buy Imperio Garlic  and to enjoy this tasty and complete seasoning.