The garlic is a soil’s product, and has different properties. It is totally truthful that this aliment lately has been known for some of his uses, besides the cooking onesThere are many garlic benefits and properties: it helps us control the sugar level in our blood, it decreases neurodegenerative diseases, it is a good digestive, it is antiviral, depurative, in conclusion, a detox remedy for your organism.

But we must not forget that the advantages and benefits of the garlic can go beyond the healthy area, as garlic is a foodstuff with several cosmetic applications that will help you reach a better aspect and also healthier. Today we can help you discover them and to get to know some aspects you may not have known before.

It can’t exist a worse awakening than the morning  you find a pimple in your face right before going to work. Don’t worry too much, we have the solution. 😉

Just apply some garlic directly above the skin, scrubbing the intern part of the garlic and washing it afterwards in order to remove the smell. But not only in a natural anti-acne treatment, garlic can work also as a perfect exfoliant for your skin. Yes, between garlic’s beneficial properties, it also helps you take care of your skin so you can keep it perfect. Will you try it?

With some garlic you can also take care of your hair, avoiding or stopping hair fall, by scrubbing the intern face of it under your scalp. You can also use garlic’s oil and massage your scalp with it. The garlics’ benefits will help you look a healthy, shiny hair. Amazing, right?

Garlic’s detox compounds will help you stop the premature aging of your skin, which would become a natural anti-wrinkle remedy, only with garlic. In this case, you should not apply garlic directly, but creating a dough of crushed garlic.

There are still more garlic benefits. If you have weak nails, you can use garlic applying it over the surface of them, which will strengthen them significantly, preventing their breakdown.

garlic benefits beauty

Garlic as a skin protector

In addition, our skin will look younger if we use garlic to take care of it. You can create a facemask for it. You will only need the next things:

  • Several garlic teeth
  • A bit of lemon juice
  • A bit of olive oil

How can we prepare the face mask? Crush very well the garlic teeth and add some lemon with oil, creating a dough, that you will apply later to your skin. After letting it rest for 20 minutes approximately, use a cotton swab and temper water to take off the facemask from your face. You can apply some moisturizer later, in order to eliminate the garlic smell and reach a better hydratation.

As you could have verified earlier, garlic’s benefits in the cosmetic and beauty’s world are prominent. Hair, nails, skin…Different garlic applications that will help you feel better and look young and healthy. The constant discoveries are the properties of this ingredient also help to find out more applications and uses. Nevertheless, garlic will always be one of our star ingredients, which can’t be missing in our kitchen either. That is why we invite you to our recipes, where you can learn every different way to introduce garlic in your kitchen. Try them!